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Crafts with centerpieces balloons

junio 12, 2018

Hello friends, welcome to our course where we will teach you how to make crafts with balloons. I hope you like and enjoy making these designs.


5 glass balloons R12
8 red balloons R9
1 r12 printed world
8 green balloons R9

How to make crafts with balloons

It is one of the most expensive elements when making a party, we will teach you how to do it in a very simple way and it will look spectacular.

Centerpiece step by step

We will start with the crystal balloons, we must introduce a red balloon inside the crystal balloons, this procedure must be done 4 times

Now we must take the green pump R9, we make a smaller quartet with these balloons, we must measure them so that they remain the same.

next we proceed to make a quartet in yellow and green R6, we should always keep in mind that they should be getting smaller and smaller.

Then we must do is take the largest quartet and put the others on it, even the smallest.

When we finish we must have as a kind of pineapples.

Then we take a balloon with a message according to the occasion and we introduce it inside a crystal globe.

The inflamos accommodate and tie, this will be the protagonist of the centerpiece. We knot it to the center of the pineapple.

Now we take a balloon a thousand figures and we are going to work some crespitos to watch the video step by step.


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