It does not matter if the children do not turn out as we expect …

… Just being a mother already makes us successful

All mothers harbor the hope that the being that accompanied us for so long, that we harbored in our wombs and for which we were responsible from the very moment we learned of its existence, will become, in the very near future, an exceptional being, a good, healthy, intelligent and profitable man, who forms a beautiful family and who always has a path full of light.

But not everything in life will remain under our control, as painful as our children will take their way, although many times it is not the way we would like to see them go. Then the doubts arise, will I have done it well? What should I stop doing? Was I a good mother?

There are many wonders in the world, but the masterpiece is the maternal heart. Bersot.

The case is that there is something important that we must understand, although we are responsible for giving the tools to our children, instilling values, principles and everything that we consider they will need at some point in their lives, this does not mean that we nullify their free will, and that they will prioritize every word that we engrave in their soul when making a decision, although it is what we would like, it is not always reality.

In the worst case, our children take painful paths, unclear paths, inconvenient friends, uneven couples in our opinion, vices, attitudes … and many other things that we would have never known, and what mother does not prefer to suffer any suffering a thousand times before your child has it ?.

Here is the point to reflect, it is this love so great, so pure and true that makes us successful. A mother is successful no matter what her son decides, because the path her son takes will never make her stop loving him, her love is unconditional, imperishable, implacable and genuine. A mother’s love transcends all desires, all opinions and all judgments, perhaps for this reason nobody understands better than a mother’s heart and no person ever gets a better hold in the world than her mother’s lap, with very little exceptions and yet they are still mothers and it is not up to me to judge them.

Being a mother carries with it the self-sacrifice of the individual being, it carries extension and multiplicity in itself, innate love for all beings in the world, compassion, forgiveness, the giving of one’s life.

The world has no flower on any land, nor the sea in any such pearl bay, like a child in the lap of its mother. Algermont.

Although being a mother is already a great satisfaction, since it teaches an incomparable love, it is also painful and in many cases a life of anguish and regret. But today I say to all the mothers of the world that the mere fact of having taken the enormous responsibility of bringing life to this planet, already makes them successful, their being transcended individuality and their love will always be reflected in their children wherever they want. that they go, they will also have added to their life, the solidarity of millions of mothers who, although we do not know it, face situations very similar to ours, joys and sadness, pain and dissatisfaction as well as wonderful satisfactions.

Always feel the virtue of being a mother, guide your child, but especially accompany him, even in those decisions that in our eyes and hearts are not always the best, trust your words, trust your love, because whatever happens, that love that you have sown in your child will be the first thing they will remember and the last thing they will forget, perhaps because of our children’s security of being unconditionally loved, it makes them hard on many occasions.

Do not avoid your children the difficulties of life, rather teach them to overcome them. Pasteur.

Rejoice mother, the universe celebrates your existence!

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