If you have a son, go knitting wings with red threads of admiration, sewn with dignity needles and feathers of free angels and in his backpack, the day he leaves, place your heartbeat, and household wands to start his own nest to find the love of a woman and dignify it with your example.

Because male children do not always return, they have been given the seed and they must take care that it grows healthy, so if you have a male child, give him principles, a sense of responsibility and appreciation for his name, because it is the boys who they protect the hearts of women and those who must never lose their admiration.

If you have a male child, you will know that you have to love them in the same way that you are releasing them, you will know what hurts and how much they teach you, if you have a male child you have had the great opportunity to teach him first hand the reason for the women’s confidence, the strength they bring them and the immense love they inspire.

If you have a son, you will know that they are loved in the same way that they are pushed to fly, with pride and confidence, with appreciation and admiration for their temperament and with the satisfaction caused by their commitment to the future, because male children are guided by the force of the spirit and will love strongly in freedom, as you found yours.

Near or far, if you have a male child, you have helped to build the world that all women need, of respect, hope, value and gender dignity.

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