6 tips from Harvard psychologists to train good children

Many parents are tired of hearing about how technology can have negative effects on their children. There are many websites full of information about this topic and they show the latest methods and strategies to educate our children in this digital age. But there will always be simple and practical advice ideas that will help us train our children with good values ​​and confidence.

Here are 6 tips from Harvard specialists to help you educate your child in the best way.

  1. Spend time with your children

This is the most important! You should make sure to spend time with your children, take interests in their hobbies, in their problems and, above all, always listen to what they want to say. Not only will you learn a lot about what they are like, but you will also teach them that this is how they should be and always care about others.

  1. Always tell your children how much they mean to you

According to studies by psychologists, many children do not know that they are the most important people to their parents. They need to hear it from yourself. Don’t forget to tell them as often as possible, this way your child will feel safe, loved and valued.

  1. Teach them how to solve their problems

For example, if your child suddenly wants to leave the soccer team, ask him why he made that decision. It could be that someone bothers you or considers it very difficult. That’s when you should advise him and give him recommendations so that he can overcome the problem. If he still wants to get away, help him find another activity that he likes or is good at.

  1. Ask them to help you with household chores and thank them for their help.

Much research indicates that people who are used to thanking are more compassionate, generous, and love to help. That is why it would be important for your child to help you with daily activities and that you always thank him. In addition to this, psychologists recommend rewarding children when they show gratitude and good values, it will motivate them even more!

  1. Help your children manage their negative emotions

Many psychologists believe that the habit of caring for others is suppressed by negative emotions such as anger, shyness, envy, and anger. To try to control our children’s negative emotions, we must help them resolve their internal conflicts.

  1. Show them that the world is very big, complex and more interesting than they could imagine According to studies,

children are only interested in a small world surrounded by their friends and family. It is very important that they begin to take an interest in the people and events that are outside their little world. You could help them by teaching them to be good at listening and learning to put themselves in the place of others.

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